Footballers are Idiots is a blog set up to track the idiotic behavior that football players get involved in on and off the pitch. From confrontations and fisticuffs through to scandals, balls ups and general trouble with the law.

The site is a labour of love from it’s writers, who pop up posts whenever something suitable hits the news. Here’s who we have currently putting pen to virtual paper:


James (Editor) – James is a lifelong Hearts fan and loves nothing more than a good pie and a pint. He is a full time writer by trade, focusing on football and sports, and, weirdly, Morris dancing. You can read his daily posts on sportsbettingtips.org.uk.

Sarah (Contributor) – James’ long suffering wife, Sarah, also writes for the blog from time to time. Normally when James has had a few too many and something big has just hit the presses.